Festival Look 101

Festival season is creeping up fast. Here’s some ideas and tips to help you get festival ready!

Stick on jewels are super handy. Got mine off Ali Express. Very Cheap

*you don’t need to spend a fortune on these. I saw some for as much as €15 in shops like New Look etc.. Ali Express are brilliant. Trust me the quality is just as good. Plus you can use Duo Glue to help secure the gems if necessary. Mine was about €4.

Two layer chain also from Ali Express. Barley paid €2 for it.

*My glitter top was from prettylittlething.com. White Shorts Penney’s/Primark. Prettylittlething have a brilliant festival season shopping section at the moment. Definitely worth a look.

Order your jewels in advance they take awhile to come in the post. So worth the wait though. Saving money and these were gorgeous.

*Think ahead and order now. Ali Express or Wish any of those sites are brilliant for their prices but you are waiting a good 4 or more weeks for your delivery.

Funky sunglasses are a must. I picked up about five different pairs from my local penneys. These circle lense style are perfect for this look.

*All hail Penney’s. I picked up a range of sunglasses. Different colors , styles one pair for every outfit. Prices from €1.50 to €4 you can’t go wrong.

Flower headbands are another cool accessory. I ordered mine off Ali Express. I think it was about €1.

*Again think ahead and use Ali express or a similar site. My headband was €1 so I ordered Loads for the girls. Why pay €4/€5 in a shop down town when these were absolutely perfect for a fraction of the price !

Cute glitter or shiny earrings to add some sparkle. Penneys have a great range for as little as €3/€4

Hope you found this post useful. Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy your festival !!

Aoibhinn X



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