Steal Her Style

What did I pick up this week in ZARA? Take a look below.!! I made some fun slideshow videos for you. All details attached. Enjoy!



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DETAILS 19.95 EUR COLOR: White 2889/059

Super cute little summer top. The ruffle at the back looks gorgeous with a pair of jeans. This is going straight into the suitcase for June. Halter neck style tops really suit me as I have broad shoulders. There is a little zip at the side of the top. I think no bra will be the way to go with this top. I got an M size which felt secure and comfortable on.

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DETAILS 15.95 EUR COLOR: Black / White 1971/085

Another cute piece. I plan to match this body suit with either navy high waist short or maybe a skirt? You can’t go wrong with polka dots and again, you can go bra- less as the bodysuit gives you enough support.


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DETAILS 19.95 EUR COLOR: Black 5644/160

This has to be my favorite piece. I think the dress looks way nicer in person than in these pictures above. The black and white structure are so slimming. I have no particular occasion in mind for this dress, but I’m excited to know it’s there in the wardrobe!


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DETAILS 19.95 EUR COLOR: Bright red 0264/024

I decided not to get this dress at the last minute. Now I am regretting my choice. I might go back for this one.


*This is not an AD.

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