TUNETOO_ Create personalised shirts, caps, gifts. Your Design. Your Fashion.

Hi Guy’s, So this is TUNETOO this is a brilliant website where you can create your very own styles, captions, colours basically anything you want on a T Shirt, Baby Bib, Cap, Beanie, Mug, Pillow, Phone Case,Teddy Bear, Mouse Pad and the list goes on!

Website here https://www.tunetoo.ie/

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Step one is choosing your product you want to personalise/ design. I used this website myself and I decided to design T Shirts!

Tunetoo is all about creating your perfect item so you literally choose everything from the colour of your  T Shirt, Size, Pattern, Logo, Material, Round neck or V neck, Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve.

Or, you can shop from the ‘Designer collection’ which are tops that are already made and ready to buy.

Here are some examples of T Shirts from the ‘Designer Collection’.



blog post 6

I saw this top “So Cute But Psycho” in the Designer Collection and I laughed and laughed. I picked this top for myself choosing the V neck and size “M” for medium woman.

Sizes range from “S” Small to 3XL

When you choose your t shirt there are a multitude of colours to choose from.

This T shirt is 22.90

I also added three more t shirts to my cart while shopping on TUNETOO. https://www.tunetoo.ie/

Two for me.

One for my Brother as it was his birthday.

One for my better half.

With so much freedom to create your own design you can make the perfect gift for anyone. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday’s, Christmas, Christening Gifts, Gift for a friend, family member, Teacher, anyone.

I for one, adore personalised gifts. This is a brilliant way to show someone how well you know them. Here are some more examples of the gorgeous products available on TUNETOO. https://www.tunetoo.ie/

Printed and embroidered Mugs 12.90



TUNETOO website is easy to use. Affordable. Easy accessible. User friendly.



Check out their website here guy’s https://www.tunetoo.ie

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*Thanks to the Tunetoo team for my voucher to spend on their website I had so much fun designing t shirts and creating perfect gifts for my family. This Blog post was not sponsored.*



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