Take ON something this NEW YEAR

‘NEW YEAR NEW ME’ I’m actually sick of hearing this phrase already. What does that even mean? Give up this give up that.. I don’t think your new year resolution, challenge, concept , whatever has to be about giving up something. You can TAKE ON something.


Here are a few ideas of what you could take on this year 

~ Eating a healthier breakfast to start off your day

~ Bringing your lunch to work/school/college instead of buying it everyday

~Make your drink of choice water. e.g water bottle instead of coke, red bull, lucozade

~Take on a 15 min walk or run daily, weekly , your choice

~ Take on walking to work or college if it’s close

~Take on writing a food diary/ personal diary

~Take on eating one piece of fruit everyday

~ Take on Brushing your teeth three times a day with a new toothpaste and check if there is a difference in a week or two

~ Take on ringing an old friend or family member once a week and have that long over due catch up

~Take on a new hobby. Walking, cycling, baking, soccer

~Take on a new meal for dinner once a week experiment and try something new

~Take on saving a little every week. Did you know if you set aside 5 euro every week for the year you would have 260 for Christmas? 10 euro a week is 520 and 20 a week is 1,040

~ Take on better decision making and stop procrastinating!

~ Take on something that will reduce your stress, reading, walking, yoga, baking, find something that relaxes you and find the time for it

~Take on more sleep. We should be getting a good 8 hour sleep every night. Go to bed earlier or do whatever you can to insure a better longer nights sleep

~Take on reading and a little less TV

~Take on spending time with people that matter

~Take on becoming more punctual. Change all your clocks to 15 mins earlier or get more organised

~Take on doing things that make you happy and do them more this year!


Happy New Year Everyone! I hope it’s  your happiest yet.

Aoibhinn xxx


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