DECEMBER Click nd’ Shop

Hello everyone, and WELCOME !

This is the fifth feature ‘click&shop’ on prettiesandpearlsblog. This month will work the same as previous months. Any clothes, accessories etc you see on my social media platforms such as snapchat (prettyandp) you’ll find on this post. Simply find the image of what you’re looking for and you’ll find the link attached with all the details such as price, size I ordered etc…. enjoy! I’ll update this post as the month goes on.


Burgundy Long Sleeve Dress.PNG

burgundy long sleeve dress €21.00

Link /



Burgundy Body Suit


Link /



Teal Velvet Wrap Front Mini Dress

Teal Velvet Wrap Front Mini Dress €12.99

Link /

Black Houndstooth Check Scarf

Black Houndstooth Check Scarf €6.29 €8.99

Link /


I’ll Keep adding onto this post throughout the month.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Aoibhinn xx


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