Best Buy_Skinny Mid-Rise Jeans

Hello Pretties! Happy Wednesday to you all! As a New feature on the blog Iv’e decided to trial a series of blog posts my ‘Best Buys’ of the month. I haven’t worked out all the kinks yet or decided exactly what I’m going to include but for now here is one of my ‘Best Buys’ from this month.



22052386_1608135202571068_1398563348_n (1)




I picked up this pair of jeans in Penney’s earlier on in the week. I didn’t have the time (or patience) to try them on at the time so I grabbed a size 12 and hoped for the best. I think we all know that the clothes sizes in penneys are a little bit all over the place. I don’t take any heed of the number written on the tag if it fits then it fits! End Of!

Funnily enough this was a rushed buy. My ‘not so old’ RiverIsland jeans decided to rip and tear where they really shouldn’t have and they went straight into the bin! So I ran to penneys and hey presto new jeans!

I’m absolutely delighted with them. The jeans fit very well on the leg the whole way up and thankfully they don’t sag or give me that awful saggy bum look some jeans do. As they are mid rise they go over my “trouble area” which is my still softish mummy tummy from Isabelle (thanks baby). They suck me in and make me feel great! I’m loving the color and the rips and tears are a nice affect too.


The best part is probably the price tag. Well, for 19 quid I’m delighted with them. Another thumbs up and triumph for penneys. #penneyshun

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Chat soon lovlies, Aoibhinn xx


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