First Impressions: Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque *UPDATED

Hello pretties! and Happy Friday Everyone!

As some of you will have seen on my Snap Chat (prettyandp) sometime last week I tried out the Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque. So, here is a short few lines about my first experience using the masque and my first impressions. I will use this masque a few more times and I’ll report back with a more detailed and final review in a few weeks.


After reading the back of the tube carefully I applied the masque to my face with a flat head makeup brush. I waited the required time of 5-10 minutes then washed it off.

The Masque itself was a thick consistency and went on a deep black color. Then it tried to a greenish color kinda grey too.

Applying the mask was no problem and the makeup brush helped accomplish an all over even application.


After 5-10 minutes the masque tried very tight onto the skin. It was hard to move my face or speak as the masque tightened around the mouth.

After I washed off the masque I noticed my face was red where I had applied the masque. I did think to myself ” oh God I’m after having an allergic reaction to this”  BUT to my surprise a few other girls and bloggers on snapchat got in contact with me and told me that they had all had the same reaction too.


Honestly, I don’t know if your face is actually suppose to go as red as mine did. My face was hot to touch and I washed my face with cold water about three times because I was worried my face was hot, red and my eyes hurt a little too.

Is this suppose to happen when you use this masque? I don’t know. All I know is this did happen to me and a few girls I know too.


I’m going to use it again in a week just to see what the results are like.

I don’t know if I like this product as it gives my skin such a strong reaction. However, I have to say my skin felt as smooth as a babies bottom afterwards!

I Hope this post was somehow helpful and informative.

**** Since Posting This Blog, The Lovely Team @ Dermalogica Have Since Got In Contact With Me**** Here is what they said:

We are so sorry to hear that after using the Charcoal Rescue Masque, your skin appeared to be rather hot and pink. Please be assured that any products placed onto the skin, should never cause pain, redness or a stinging sensation, although it is true to say that some active ingredients, contained within some products can sometimes cause a stimulation to the skin – there should not be long term discomfort or high colour.

Charcoal Rescue Masque is a great all-in-one treatment masque which will detoxify, brighten and invigorate a normal to oily skin. Although the original packaging recommended leaving this onto the skin for between 7 – 10 minutes, this has now been revised and the new recommended time is 3 – 5 minutes.

Our manufactures in the USA, where our products are formulated, have made this timing adjustment to all packaging which is now being phased it. You may wish to leave it a few weeks before attempting to try this masque again and this time leave it for no more than 5 minutes. If you are a little nervous of applying it onto your face consider placing a patch of the masque on your chest area to see how your skin responds. If your skin is more sensitized then this masque is unlike to be suitable for you. ”

– – Thanks Dermalogica Team

Chat Soon, Aoibhinn xx

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