Easy- Peasy 3 Step Jelly Cups

Hello Pretties! Here is a yummy treat that is super quick and simple.


All You Need Is:

1 Packed of Jelly (your favorite flavor)
12 Silicone cupcake cases
1/2 pint Hot Water & 1/2 pint Cold Water

Step One: Follow the instructions on the packed of jelly you have. The packed I bought said to break-up the jelly into cubes in a jug then add 1/2 pint of hot water. Wait until the jelly dissolved then add the 1/2 pint of cold water.

Step Two: Put your silicone cupcake cases into a cupcake tray. (This makes life easier for you when you put them into the fridge)

Step Three: Pour the jelly into the silicone cupcake cases. Fill the cups as full as you like. Then slide then into the fridge to set. (Tray and all)

Ta-Daa! Jelly Cups!
*Super handy for little ones because the silicone cups are soft. I’ve had my cases for well over four years! Oven proof, fridge proof, and you simply wash them in warm soapy water.






Thanks for checking out my jelly cups! Have a wonderful Tuesday Everyone. Chat Soon ,

Aoibhinn xx

SnapChat: @ prettyandp


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