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Hello pretties! Welcome to prettiesandpearlsblog 

As seen on my snapchat (@prettyandp) on Instagram and other social media accounts this week I have been showing you absolutely breathtaking stunning pieces of jewellery and scarfs from Irish Company L&T Accessories.

I love collaborating with Irish brands, especially when I’m so obsessed with their pieces and I know you will love L&T Accessories as much as I do!

I chose two pieces from L&T Accessories website http://www.landtaccessories.ie

‘The Ann Scarf’

There are so many stunning scarfs to choose from. Suitable for all occasions you have a huge choice of colours and styles. Wait until you see the scarf I choose I cannot get over it. I mean to say I love love love it! I was thinking ahead and when I saw this scarf I knew I had to have it and it will go with so many outfits (especially around the winter/ Christmas holidays). I know I said ‘ Christmas’ sorry but you have to think ahead and this scarf is perfection!



“This classic navy square pattern scarf with a hint of red is the ideal scarf to smarten up any outfit.” Polyester & acrylic. 60cm x 180cm € 25.00 Product No: HH01


‘The Grace Pendant’

I instantly fell in love with this necklace. The two interlocking links reminded me of my daughter Isabelle (2) and myself. Forever linked together. Simple and breathtaking. Lovely gift idea for someone special I think.



“Rose gold plated two ring pendant.” Presented in a box. € 25.00 Product No: TJN03


‘The Zoe Earrings’ 

These sparkly earrings were a surprise! How beautiful are they though? Absolutely gorgeous. Silver Jewellery is always in style. Timeless. Pairing these earrings with any silver necklace will show off those shiny cubic studs (or ‘The Molly Pendant’ available on L&T Accessories website) would be a fantastic set either as a gift or treat yourself!


“Silver plated cubic zirconia stud earrings for pierced ears.” Presented in a box € 20.00 Product No: MK01

Hope you enjoyed this blog post everyone.

Thank you to L&T Accessories.

FACEBOOK: L&T Accessories 

Chat soon, Aoibhinn xxx



Disclamer: This blog post is not a SP. These items were free gifts only.


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