NEW Inglot Eyeshadow Colors

Happy Black Friday Pretties!

I’ve received an abundance of messages from you ladies, asking about the new inglot colors I bought in Cork a few weeks ago… so here are all  the deets!


I only popped into inglot to pick up one eye shadow I’d had my eye on but it was out of stock in the limerick store. Of course that didn’t last long and soon I was chatting away to the lovely girls in the inglot store and the eye shadows were stacking up!


With help from the girls I ended up with four fab New eye shadows. Three warm colors and one base color. As you can see I didn’t  leave the shop with just the four new eye shadows. Nope! I bought the eye shadow holder as well.  You can buy eye shadow holders in store ranging  from the smaller holders that fit only four colors and the holder I bought which holds ten.


The four eye shadows i picked up were: From right to left

[1] 450

[2] 355

[3] 55

[4] 368


Gorgeous aren’t they! Let me know if you have any of these colors and how you find them. You can always find me on snapchat @prettyandp

Happy Black Friday Shopping Ladies!

_Aoibhinn xx


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