Shortlisted for HUAWEI Award

Eeeeeep! This week I was shortlisted for the Huawei Snapys Awards #HuaweiSnapys

I am so proud to say I made the top 10 in the beauty category and it is all thanks to you wonderful followers supporting me , taking the time to vote for  my image and it really means the world to me! To be in the top 10 list of Irelands top beauty instgrammer is insane!

Here is the image I entered and made the top 10 in the Beauty category. . .


In this image I am wearing my ‘Hopeless Dreamer’  t-shirt holding one of my favorite lip tints from CAILYN Ireland. You can find more images on my Instagram account prettiesandpearlsblog.


Unfortunately this year I was not the overall winner, but I am so proud to have made the shortlist! It was an amazing experience to see my blog name and face up on a big screen at the Huawei Awards Ceremony.  I was unable to attend the event myself but I did get to watch most of the night through other blogger snap chat videos and the videos uploaded by Huawei.

Dublin blogger Grace, from Facesbygrace is one of my ultimate favorite Irish bloggers to follow and to see my blog and face on Grace’s snap chat was incredible.


Hopefully next year if I am lucky enough to make the shortlist again I will be even more successful and win fingers crossed!

THANK-YOU to every single person who voted for my image it means everything to me.

Here is the announcement video for the beauty category. Huge well done to all the shortlist nominees and special congratulations to Yvonne who one this years Beauty category!

I am amazed that I made it this far this year it really does prove that working hard pays off hussle ladies hussle! Take care pretties , chat soon

_ Aoibhinn xx


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