Top 10 Snapchat Mommies You need to Follow

Hello Pretties! Hope you’re all well and enjoying your Thursday ..

Here is a list of my favorite snapchat accounts of mommies I follow. Being a mom of  busy one-year old Isabelle, I like to follow other mommies to catch their tips and tricks at parenting and juggling it all. The support is brilliant and you know they just ‘get it’ .. they just do!

Eimear  is mommy to two small lovely ladies and a beautiful brand new baby girl! Eimear’s blog is


Shapesandshadows is a Dublin beauty blogger and mummy of one little small miss and a new bundle of joy arriving in about six weeks!


Melissa Moran is a mommy to a lovely little boy and her blog is


Michelle or MRS makeup is mommy to two young boys and her snapchat handle is below


Pippa  is one of Ireland’s best known models and has a popular beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog. Mommy of two small boys and her website is


Mommy Karyn is one of my favorite fitness snapchatters to follow! You Go Girl!


Gemma is a mommy to a young chap and an amazing MUA her Instagram account is gemmale_makeup


Facesbygrace is newly mommy to baby Sienna and her blog is


Marissa Carter is founder and CEO of Irish tanning brand Cocoa Brown. Mommy to a little boy Charlie and little lady Belle.


I had to include myself (Aoibhinn) mommy to one year old Isabelle and beauty blogger too heehee


That’s all for now pretties! and happy Friday!

_Aoibhinn xx


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