Bringing Your Newborn Home : My 5 Top Tips

Hello pretties,

Here is a short but very important list of things you either haven’t thought of yet, or nobody has bothered to tell you about the wonderful, magical and yet somewhat challenging experience of bringing your newborn home.



Yes you’ve bought the damn thing and cooed over it but have you actually used it yet? I would highly reccomend playing around with your car seat, baby carrier, pram all of it before baby arrives. Trust me you don’t want to wait until the day you are leaving hospital with your newborn for the special moment to be ruined because you haven’t a clue how to strap the baby into the seat or the seat into the car. Practice !! practice!! practice!!



Okay so here is the deal, when you’re in hospital the nurses provide you with the small newborn bottles of milk(of your choice)….Grand.

However once you get home you have to be organised and well prepared in the art of sterilizing and making babies bottle. For me and my partner this was one of our biggest downfalls. Do yourself a favor before baby arrives start using your sterilizer and figure out how to use it. In the same sense actually practice and make a few baby bottles just as a test run for yourself its all so alien and new why wouldn’t you want to practice while you can and make life easier for you! Also be smart and have some pre-made baby bottles in the press, super handy for the tiring day one and two.



It is all new. It is all scary. It is also so ridiculous why this experience is never spoken about in hospital by doctors or nurses or in any maternity meetings! This is probably your first few minutes alone and to yourself since baby has arrived. Your home and finally you get to have a shower and see whats happening down-below and it’s scary! In general be prepared by stocking up on the biggest XXXL strength pads you can find, baby wipes, a spray nozzle bottle, small hand mirror and nice relaxing shower creams and comfy clothes. Hygiene down-there after having baby is so important. You do what you gotta do to keep clean , fresh and aware of whats going on. Oh and painkillers!  … just saying.



My Isabelle was born on Tuesday and I don’t think I actually slept until the following Tuesday. Being a first-time mom everything was new to me, I couldn’t  take my eyes of her for one second during the day and at night I just watched her sleep. When I got home with baby she went straight into a Moses basket and she slept sweetly and soundly in it. Starting off me and her Dad did shifts in sleeping so one of was always was looking over her, and eventually you relax and you will let yourself sleep. (this is a new type of sleeping, you are asleep but its like you are in limbo because you can hear everything, every time baby breathes, turns over in the basket, coughs you are asleep but you’re awake at the same time. Trust me you’ll know what I mean)



You wouldn’t think it but babies first outing can be very stressful and upsetting. This is more than lightly your first outing after baby too. Between getting baby ready and wrapping baby up, packing all the things you need and don’t need, making a bottle , nappy change, baby crying and getting yourself ready everything together can be very stressful. My advice would be to plan ahead where you are going but don’t put a time restriction on yourself and make the journey a short one. First time using pram drama happens and don’t forget your so tired still, there is no need to push yourself to be out walking baby the second day your home just because Sally down the road did that. Listen to your body and your baby.


That’s all for now pretties,  and as always please me contact me if you have any questions

chat soon ,

_Aoibhinn xx


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