Pregnancy Shoot_ Do’s and Dont’s

Hello Pretties ,

I’ve started a new series of blog posts under the title of “Mommy Mondays”

I wanted to share my experience with maternity and all the ups and downs that go with it. This week I want to tell you all about my maternity shoot.

Photo Credit : Emily Gale Photography


I think it is super important to take as many pictures as you can of yourself and your forever growing baby bump. I took hundreds and I still don’t think I took enough. I won’t have another baby so this makes all my pictures more special to me. When deciding on a maternity shoot , you need to be practical and safe.

I decided on Cratloe Woods, County Clare. Even though I was heavily pregnant my photographer of choice also loved the idea. Going back to the safety part, I brought one of my best friends with me. Olivia drove us out to the woods and stayed close to me and held my hand whenever I moved . Safety safety safety!

Photo Credit: Emily Gale Photography


A few dress changes in the woods was a little tricky especially in your last trimester . Between Olivia and the lovely photographer Emily it was possible. This might be something you would like to consider for your own maternity shoot. Do you want a dress change ? Who will be there to help you ? Am I comfortable around the photographer ?

I walked bare foot through the woods always taking my time and stopping for breaks. Definitely bring water to your shoot and prepare to get uncomfortable, hot,itchy,tired oh the tiredness… throughout my pregnancy baby was extremely active and especially in my final trimester. Baby was jumping and kicking during the photo shoot so I had to take breaks to breathe and relax. Of course it was rather funny at times too trying to take photos and a kick under the rib sets you off giggling.

Photo Credit: Emily Gale Photography


I styled my own hair and did my own makeup for my maternity shoot. I knew I wanted to look natural and soft. Gentle waves in my hair and soft makeup is the look I went for. Emily was brilliant with me. She made me laugh all day and feel so comfortable. This was my first ever photo shoot and I was nervous about that aspect let alone the fact I was very pregnant and unsure how to move my body. Emily was patient , kind and caring. I never felt like I was on show and I started to really enjoy the shoot and relax after awhile. Emily Gale Photography is the perfect way to celebrate your precious bump and this most special time in your life.

Honestly I was so tired afterwards I was so glad I had Olivia to drive me home. I went straight to bed! I would 100% recommend bringing someone along with you and possibly a driver . It was a really girlie day between the three of us we had such a good laugh . These memories will hang on my wall for a lifetime .

Thanks for reading guy’s

_Aoibhinn x

Disclaimer_ I was not paid to write this post. All photos belong to Emily Gale Photography.



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