Hello Pretties!

Iv’e been using Wow Brown Tan recently and I have to say I think I have found a new Favorite tan!

“Winner of Best Tan chosen by TV3 Xpose Beauty Panel Sept 2012”

What Product Did I Use? 

Wow Brown Ready To Glow Dark Tanning Liquid.

How Did I apply This Tan?

Personally from experimenting with this tanning liquid I found it sunk into my tanning mitt too much so I decided to apply the tan straight to my skin then rub in with my tanning mitt.

Wearing Wow Brown Ready To Glow Dark Tanning Liquid

Why I Like This Tan So Much?

There is no awful ‘tan smell’ off this tanning liquid. This tan dries nice and fast so you’re not left standing in your bathroom for hours waiting for it to dry.

 There is no sticky feel off this tan.Extreme easy application. Just spray on with the very handy spray top and rub in with tanning mitt.

Ending color result is so nice. Lovely warm brown color , not green or yellow or orange. This tan doesn’t look like a ‘fake tan application’ you get a lovely warm glow very natural looking.

Beautiful Finishing Color Off Wow Brown Ready To Glow

How Long Did The Tan Last?

We all know everyone’s skin type is different and everyone will react to different tans in different ways. Personally I found this tan easy to apply, gave me a beautiful golden brown tan that looked natural and it also lasted looking really good for about three to four days. After that I wanted to shower, exfoliate and tan again.

Wearing Wow Brown Ready To Glow at The AbsolutelyFab Les Vintage & Retro-Revival Fair & Events, Castletroy Park Hotel. Modelling Dress From No.15 “Le Maison de Cuiro” Photo Credit David Woodland Photography

Where Can I Buy This Tan? Cost?

You can pick up this amazing tanning liquid in McCabes’ Pharmacy or here on Wow Brow Tan Website  for 20.99 – http://www.wowbrown.com/#!shop/csw3

Wow Brown Tan has become one of my all time favorite tans for a few reasons. One of the best qualities of this tan is how easily I can apply it then throw on my clothes and run out the door. I do usually sleep in tan then shower off the next morning but sometimes when I am in a hurry this is the tan I can trust not to smell or budge.

Big Thumbs Up From Me! Happy Tanning!

_Aoibhinn x

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