Event Review_Marissa Carter’s Master Class

Pretties! I have just experienced the most brilliant girlie Sunday at Marissa Carter’s masterclass hosted in the beautiful venue the Bunratty Castle Hotel.  This was Marissa’s very first masterclass and there are five more to come! Here is the low-down on the days very pink and pretty events..


Marissa’s Masterclass was due to start at 11 am so myself and two other bloggers arrived on together just beforehand. The ques were out the door but we eventually all checked-in and were given a glass of pink lemonade , such a lovely touch. (heads up ladies turn-up early to avoid standing in a long Que)

The room was breathtaking a pink and girlie theme for sure very  Marissa and cocoa brown style. Where the stage was setup the background was this glorious flower wall. The flower wall was made out of artificial flowers and ladies it was breathtaking! ‘Miss Daisy’ was responsible for this stunning display http://www.missdaisyflorist.com

(@mylifetheevent  @putting_it snapchat names to checkout girls)


On our tables where we sat for the entire Masterclass there were a few goodies waiting for us as we arrived. Beautiful sunglasses from CATWALK  and a product list of the inglot products the lovely MUA Michelle Fox would later use in her makeup tutorial.

Also on the tables were these stunning hand dipped in glitter glass from Blingleys all the 300 glasses were handmade by Hayley Doran who you can find on Facebook. Hayley was also the creator of the flower-wall. 13082022_1127431150641478_912121043_n

Beauty Begin’s The Moment You Decide To Be Yourself – Coco Chanel

Marissa started off the Masterclass with a warm welcome and lovely scones and tea/coffee were served to the tables. To get us all in the mood and to start the ball rolling Marissa asked us to look into our tea cups and if we had a rose bud in our cup to come to the stage. The 30 odd lucky girls who had the rose buds were gifted with lovely red and black handled  Ralph Lauren week-end bags  and they were gorgeous. 13094293_1585319645130200_7978665263307747485_n.jpg

After raising the atmosphere Marissa then moved onto a makeup tutorial modeled on no other than her own beautiful sister who Marissa kept reminding us was 10 years younger than herself. Marissa showed us an array of techniques and different tips on doing makeup on yourself. Some golden nuggets and products Marissa recommend are:

Primer -No7 Instant Illusions 22.50   Primar – Flormar you can get primar with green tones for red skin, purple tones for blue skin

Foundation -Bourjois Radiance  13.99  Concealer Rimmel Match Perfecting Illuminating  concealer 7.99

Concealer YSL peach concealer excellent for dark circles under eyes Concealer – Amazing cosmetics Amazing Concealer Sleek Contour Palette, circular motions up towards your hair line  Mascara – Code

A new beauty technique Marissa told us about  called ‘Sun Blushing’ sounds like this will be the next big thing. Using a  cream rose blush Marissa applied with her finger to her sisters face. Along her nose and upper cheekbones right on top of the blush. The idea of sun blushing is to add that sun-kissed glow to your face. I’ll have to try this soon.

13012644_1598482170479788_5577341130712725360_n.jpgA good little insight Marissa shared with us is a gem about foundation and the best brush to use for your desired makeup look. A stippling brush you would use for a light coverage of foundation and for a heavier coverage you would use the flatter paint-brush style makeup brush. 13059372_1127453153972611_1077918934_n

After a few embarrassing beauty stories from the crowd and gifting prizes to all those who shared them, Marissa took a little break and Pro MUA Michelle-came on stage. Michelle is from Inglot and used Inglot products to create ‘inglot signature eye demo’ ‘brow demo‘ and ‘lip demo’. What I found most enjoyable from Michelle’s tutorial personally was how she explained in such fine detail all the many uses of Inglot’s Duraline.


Duraline is ‘Water-less clear liquid that can intensify the color of any powder and transform it into an easy to apply, water resistant liquid’

Some of the uses of duraline are: When your mascara is a little try you can add duraline to it | you can mix a little bit of Duraline in with your AMC Pure Pigment Eye shadows to bring out vibrancy and prolong your look |Duraline can also be used with Lipsticks and AMC Eyeliner Gel to loosen up and intensify the formula | you can add a drop of duraline to your foundation to give a more dewy finish | Duraline on a Q-tip can be used to efficiently removed botched eye liner | Inglot-Duraline-REVIEW-1

Next up, Marissa showed us her sun-damaged skin through the help of a skin analysis machine. A lovely lady from Laserderm in Ennis had taken pictures of Marissa’s skin and the girls on the cocoa brown team beforehand so they  were all ready to go. Marissa told us she used sunbeds a few times a week when she was younger and we could all see the damage she had done to her skin.

Over the next hour we saw a few different faces and degrees of sun damage. There were talks on how vitamin C cream is the best for repairing and revitalizing the skin also vitamin A creams. Sun damage in not on the surface of your skin when I say this I mean you can’t see sun damage with your eyes on face value. That’s why we needed the machine to see what the UV rays had done to all these ladies skin. This is why using a SPF (sun protecting factor) foundation is important.

After the very informative an eye opening skincare talk . Ladies afternoon tea was served and, wasn’t it almost to pretty to eat!13077404_1127431070641486_1136746301_n

After our little break, another MUA (Danielle Manon O’Connor) was introduced and removed all of Marissa’s makeup. This lovely girl was showing us slowly and clearly had to get a perfect winged-eye liner using the aid of sellotape

Danielle showed us the correct way to apply concealer to the skin (triangle shape good, crescent under the eye shape bad) I liked the way Danielle slowly showed us her technique and explained clearly what she was doing at every step. ‘Makeup is all about adding dimension to the skin‘. Warm round beautiful makeup is what she was all about. After this very enjoyable tutorial Marissa looked even more beautiful and that brought our masterclass to an end. Oh I have to mention Danielle’s Shoes !! They Were Stunning River Island.

*Quick photo opportunity and ‘swag bag’ collection

I really enjoyed #Marissasmasterclass and I feel the hundred euro ticket was well worth the experience. The ‘swag bags’ alone are worth  over one hundred and fifty quid and remembering the lovely scones/ tea/coffee and the ladies tea. The great tips and tricks and all of Marissa’s guests shared beauty advice and the best recommendations. Plus if  get involved in the days interactions and questions you could land yourself  an amazing gift from the girls too.13078103_1127431133974813_828180654_o.jpg

Huge Congratulations to Marissa on her first ever masterclass, well done to the lovely CocoaBrown Team, all Marissa’s Guest Speaker’s Including Michelle Fox. Thank’s So Much BunrattyCastle Hotel For Such An Amazing Venue And Again Hayley Doran WOW Excellent Job On The Flower Wall And Blingleys Glasses.Well Done To Everyone Involved In This Fabulous Successful Day!

That’s all for now pretties, catch today’s snaps on @prettyandp

and as always if you ladies have any questions about the day or anything else you can always catch me on my Facebook page prettiesandpearlsblog.

Chat soon,

_Aoibhinn xx


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