My Magic Dino 3IN1 Travel System

Hello pretties !

Please let me introduce you to my magic dino travel system we have for our sweet baby girl Isabelle. I’ve had so many messages and lovely compliments about the Pram so here are all the details of the magic dino 3in1 travel system.


_ The Magic Dino 3 in 1 Travel System comes in 49 different colors and patterns. The very helpful website we ordered from was :

The Set includes :

-Dino CarryCot

-Dino PushChair

-Dino Car Carrier Seat

There is also an option for you to buy all sorts of cute and  handy accessories for your travel system. However you will be delighted to know that all of the following pieces come with your system. These include rain cover , mosquito net, changing bag, pram covers for carrycot/car seat/ pushchair, cup holder.


The Top Reasons Why   I THINK This Set Is The Business ! ..

You can choose which wheel type you would like with your pram , we chose the wheels that rotate so it’s so easy to swing around those close corners.

The suspension on the pram is excellent that means it’s springy so baby is comfy when you wheel over anything bumpy or ramps.

The system is light weight but durable, when you collapse the pram frame it isn’t a ton weight so it’s easy for a girl like me to pop into the car trunk. Apart from looking altogether stunning, the entire system is so easy to use. The three parts can slide and clip in with ease and face towards you pushing the pram or clip in facing outwards.


From friend to family , Nannies and aunties everyone who has used our 3 in 1 system praises the ease of collapsing the pram and sliding the required part on the pram frame

Where ever I go I always get compliments our our travel system and I’m so glad we went with Magic Dino. Here is a brilliant video showing the Dino travel set in action. (you can press mute and just watch like we did).

Happy Shopping ! *disclaimer I was not paid for this post. As always I only share my personal opinions and thoughts*

Take Care

_Aoibhinn X




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