Travelling with 6 Month Babybump

Hello again pretties!

I’ve decided to write a series of pregnancy/maternity/new parent blog posts067

I put a few feelers out on my Facebook and snap chat [@ prettyandp] and I was delighted to receive such a warm wave of questions and support.  I intend to cover topics such as :

Travelling abroad when pregnant | My struggle with Gestational Diabetes | Pregnancy Hormones (the up and very down days) | Pregnancy Fashion and Clothes | Baby Blues | The Top Ten Things Your Mother Didn’t Tell You About Labor | Baby Shower Ideas | and anymore topics that I think of along the way that I feel need to be blogged about. I hope you will all join me on my journey of re-living my very recent maternity days. 

Our Isabelle has just turned over 6 months old now, and In this picture I was 6 months pregnant! We had kept our wonderful news a secret from everyone (apart from our parents and close relations) and we decided to announce our baby news on our first day on holidays in Portugal.

As you can see from my holiday picture I was a very late baby bump bloomer. It was nice and easy for us to keep our happy baby news private because little bump stayed little until 6 months maternity then she showed up all of a sudden!

Let’s start from the beginning travel wise . . this was our first time travelling abroad at 6 month pregnancy and as two new soon-to-be cautious parents we took all of the precautions. Generally airlines advise that pregnant woman wear flight stockings.These are without a doubt the most uncomfortable, tight and hot things I have ever had to suffer wearing!! The idea is the tight stocking help to circulate your blood flow to your heart and to your unborn child. Keeping in mind that the risks of air travel during pregnancy are deep-vein thrombosis,miscarriage and premature birth so I sucked it up and wore the damn uncomfortable things!** side note Its most risky to fly up to around 12 to 15 weeks of your pregnancy. It also very risky after 30 weeks**  030

To make myself as comfortable as possible I wore pregnancy jeans (elasticated waist) a baggy t-shirt and a zip-down hoodie. Of course footwear was very stylish..  flats. We decided on booking the priority boarding so we were among the first on the plane (to avoid any panic or rushing or possibility of being knocked in the hustle and bustle of boarding).

I bought one of those inflatable around the neck supports and I always bring hard-boiled-sweets to suck during plane take-off as I suffer badly with ear poping from the plane pressure. During the short enough flight to Portugal I made sure I drank plenty of water and I got up a few times and walked the aisle of the plane to keep my blood circulating well. The plane journey to Albuferira, Portugal was comfortable and as soon as we landed I ripped those awful flight stockings off and binned them!

When we arrived at Faro airport I was so awfully warm actually you could say I was overheating! I needed air and I needed to cool down ASAP.We couldn’t have planned better transport to our hotel then what we had if we tried. We had booked a convertible car transport to our hotel from the airport with yellow fish transfers. It was about a 20 minute drive and with the car hood down the night cool air whizzing passed my face was like manna from heaven! We arrived at our hotel Vila Gale Cerro Alagoa.   


My partner had organised the hotel bookings and he had added a note saying we were an expectant couple and needed a smoking-free and quiet room if at all possible to stay in. The hotel could not have been more helpful and accommodating and I praise this hotel to all my friends for it. They set us up in a room to the very left of the hotel, in a non-smoking area a lovely large double bed room complete with balcony and the all important air conditioning.Being the last balcony room to the left of the hotel gave us a stunning view of the hotels pool and outdoor views. Over the course of our holiday I was coated in thick layers of sun-cream and I always wore my holiday straw hat.


We holidayed in the ‘Old Town’ and we spent our days sun bathing and strolling around the old town taking in all the sights. Our hotel was right next door to a glorious bakery/cafe and we took full advantage of this fact (hmm I wonder how that happened) Everyday we enjoyed different luxury biscuits and cakes and buns and all sorts of sweet goodies that are bad for you. That’s what holidays are all about in my books ..

On this note I will tell you about the daily intake of ice-creams and cold desserts that 6 month pregnant Aoibhinn needed to consume to remain cool and happily full of sweet things.From the two-person sundaes , ice-cream cones and here’s the best one.. alcohol free cocktails yay!  

 Snapchat--6600229292325256416.jpgA big part of pregnancy is realising the amount of things you can no longer do or have but you must watch your partner enjoy all these things. Fear Not! Alcohol-Free cocktails are in every bar and every restaurant and there are oh so yummy! Let’s just say I tried every single one and I could tell you my favourite to least easily.

When it came to the night-life being 6 months pregnant was no issue or complication at all. As we were holidaying in the ‘Old Town’ vs the more drink orientated crazy live-it-up lifestyle ‘New Town’ which was only a 10 minute taxi ride down the road. I was comfortable walking hand-in-hand down the cobbled streets of the old town listening to the live bands and experiencing all the night-time entertainers.

Food at this point was not an issue to me ( when I say this I mean we were blissfully unaware that I had Gestational Diabetes). Apart from the obvious no eating raw meat/fish/eggs or live foods I was happy to dine out every night enjoying all the delicious restaurants and Grills the ‘Old Town’ had to offer.


The beach along the ‘Old Town’ was beautiful and we walked down everyday. With my comfy yet swollen and hot pregnancy feet, and my straw hat that never left my head I was a happy little – OK not so little – holiday-er. The beach was occupied in some areas with sun loungers. These sun loungers complete with sun umbrellas were only 5 Euro to rent for as long as you like.Sun umbrellas were key in keeping me from not getting to hot and keeping bump cool and hidden from the shade.

As a twenty-something year old pregnant woman I honestly did struggle with how my body changed and I had better days than some. I decided to pack a number of bikinis and also long summer lose tops with shorts too. When I arrived in Portugal I decided I was OK with how my body looked and our bump was a blessing to us and nothing to be ashamed of or how my stretch marks looked.  I proudly walked around in my bikini with my Big Pregnancy Boobies and tossed my hair in the wind with my fake Ray Bans on my little red puffy face.


Travelling  and holidaying at 6 months pregnant was a pleasant experience for me. We did book priority , especially made hotel room requests and carefully planned our destination though. We worked as a team and constantly made sure I was drinking plenty of water and wearing sun-cream. I never left the hotel without my straw hat which protected me from the sun and I never rushed myself or pushed myself too hard. Long walks in the sun were a no-no and I took a siesta everyday.  385

These little precautions and safety measurements allowed us to have the most special and enjoyable holiday with bumpy. Travelling 6 month expectant for me was a no-biggie and I enjoyed everyday of our holiday. Rest.Water.Naps and listening to my body I think is what made this holiday possible, of course having a very supportive and understanding partner is key.

I hope this blog post about travelling and holidaying when pregnant helps someone and I’m always only a click away if you have an questions or quires I hope I can help you with.

Safe Travelling,

_Aoibhinn x

catch me on snapchat @prettyandp


Holiday Destination : Albufeira, Portugal

Airport: Faro, Albufeira

Transfer Company: Yellow Fish Transfers

Hotel : Vila Gale Cerro Alagoa




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