10 Thing’s You Don’t Know About Me

10 Thing’s you don’t know about me!




  • Music is the key to my soul. I have a vast knowledge in music and songs all types of genres.
  • I am double jointed in my arms.
  • Until I met my other half I had never experienced; Bread Sauce ; Strawberry Milkshakes ; Tolberone ; Avocado or Aromat.
  •  I would never wear odd socks, I would rather be sock-less
  • So far I have 3 tattoos and 11 piercings.
  • I love to travel. So far I have visited Australia, America, England, Spain and Portugal.
  • I always wanted to be a Fire Fighter. I even joined and trained my way up in the Red Cross to help my case. Ended up in Dance instead.
  • I have three heading onto four Dropbox accounts because I have THAT many pictures
  • I label everything. Clothes draws into tops, pants, jumpers .. I have labelled Polly-pockets and folders for every letter or bill. I label food containers and I even label all the plugs and sockets in the house!
  • I have a BA Degree in Irish Music and Dance.


Aoibhinn x



2 Replies to “10 Thing’s You Don’t Know About Me”

  1. Just started following and loving your snap chats and blogs. As a mother of 3,I find following beauty bloggers a release and a little reminder to mind myself. Keep up the good work and Well Done 🙂

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