Weird and Wonderful Me

Hello and Good Evening to all you Pretties!meganhess

It’s just after 9PM on this Thursday evening and baby has just popped off to sleep giving me an opportunity to blog. yay! I think it would be a good idea for me to tell you a few personal facts about myself so you feel like you know me better. I read a similar blog like this during the week and I loved how different and connected I felt towards the blogger afterwards it was great! I think connecting and interacting is so great and really that’s what blogging and social media is all about! – please give this a read and please leave a comment I’d love to hear an unknown fact about you pretties!Megan_Hess_Ex_inside5

  1. Here we goooo .. I have a little tenancy to hoard things.Lots of different things i.e every birthday card I have ever received, St. Patrick’s day cards, Easter,Well wishes, congratulations baby cards all of them. I think the effort and time gone into picking and writing a card is so special and caring I could never bin a single one.

2.This is a weird one) I hate cotton wool. The sight of it , the texture the smell of it. What is the purpose of it anyways? Freaks me out!

3. Until I met ‘Him’ three years ago I had never experienced; Bread Sauce ; Strawberry Milkshakes ; Tolberone ; Avocado or Aromat

4. I would never wear odd socks, I would rather be sock-less. Also I sleep with socks on.

5. I can’t leave Pennys empty handedFashion-Illustrators

6. I had braces when I was 15,16, and I still have one tooth that sticks out a teeny tiny bit. I think you need to be up close and personal to see it though. The thing is I think it’s kinda cool.Almost a hidden message to stand out from the crowd and love every piece of you no matter was size shape or little belimshes. Embrace em’MeganHess_BlackFeather__0001_Layer_7_thumb_product

7. I have zero patience when it comes to watching TV series. I will wait until the entire season is over before I would consider sitting down to watch it. I need to have them all there ready waiting for me so I can watch them all at once. Normally in two nights! I’m currently watching all seasons of LOST 2004.

8.I have three heading onto four Dropbox accounts because I have THAT many pictures

9.I label everything. Clothes draws into tops,pants,jumpers .. I have labelled Polly-pockets and folders for every letter or bill. I label food containers and I even label all the plugs and sockets in the house!

10. I am currently growing out my under-shave which realistically grew into a half-head shave .. it’s torture growing it out; pain of my life at the moment 😦

Well there you have it, some weird and wonderful facts about moi.

Please leave a comment or fact about you below i would love to learn more about you too.

All Images Used In This Blog Post Are-owned and illustrated by Megan Hess

Good Night Pretties, and don’t forget

Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

_Aoibhinn x

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2 thoughts on “Weird and Wonderful Me

  1. Just started following and loving your snap chats and blogs. As a mother of 3,I find following beauty bloggers a release and a little reminder to mind myself. Keep up the good work and Well Done 🙂

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