Event Review_Beauty Expo Limerick

Hello Pretties!

Happy Tuesday to you all, as some of you may know two days ago on Sunday 10th April I was invited and attend the Cosmetics Health and Beauty Expo in the Castletroy Park Hotel , Limerick.

My Good friend Stacey went with me to the Beauty Expo, as it was promised to be a great girlie day out we thought we would head out together and make a day out of it. We arrived at the Hotel around two o’clock just around the time when the fashion show was about to begin. Luckily for us there were two free seats in the front row so we had a great view of all the goings-on.

Before the fashion show began, there was a short makeup demonstration , a lovely makeup artist from MAC showed us howto ‘highlight’ using ‘hush’ from MAC .

After the makeup demo was finished the fashion show began. Master of ceremonies (MC) was the wonderful Sinead O’Brien of Sineads Curvy Style and fashion. The fashion show showcased dresses from two spectacular well-known names ,  No.15 “Le Maison de Curio” and The Ivory Closet.


The gorgeous dresses and stunningly beautiful models complimented each other perfectly, I adore vintage collections and No.15 “Le Maison de Curio” did not disappoint.

I was in such shock when Sinead announced that these dress prices start at 40.00 and end at 60.00 for these stunning vintage pieces!

Just look at this amazing vintage handbag , It’s art really when you think about it. I love love love this dress to me it says elegant lady with a quirky edge!




Head-to-toe the models looked so Gla13001095_743921849081683_8150826937302158592_nmorous. I love a good fashion show and teamed up with the hilarious and so down to earth Sinead O’Brien as MC  it was a match made in fashion heaven. In the picture to the right here, you can see the drop-dead-gorgeous red number vintage dress which was finished off with a black puppy-dog purse!

The light blue dress with swan imaging caught my eye straight away and of course I can’t forget to mention the very unique red race car purse that went with it. How cool is that?! All these dresses12968510_1119559544761972_1086346047_n are from No.15 , and they are so unique and special and I would only love an occasion to wear one of these spectacular vintage beauties.

Next up were some stunning dresses from The Ivory Closet. (1st floor, 18 shannon street Limerick) website – http://theivorycloset.com/magento/

Here is a sneaky behind the scenes shot with the lovely Sinead and models. This red number is fierce and sexy a slit up the side adds that extra wow factor! The black dress is very sleek and mysterious I think simply ans stunning.

Sineads dress is from New Look and I had my eye on these tassel boots from pennys! You can follow Sinead on snap chat for Curvy style fashion, beauty and skincare advice and absolute giggels  here @sineadsstyle

If you would like to see some  more vintage fashion and all sorts of breathtaking gems, you can check-out  No.15 “Le Maison de Curio” on Facebook , or call into the lovely Lorraine in-store,  15 Anne Street, Limerick, Ireland.

Apart from the all together fabulous fashion show, we had a lovely time walking around the stalls taking in all the Irish businesses and beauty trades. One of the stalls which particularly caught our attention was Equivalenza! I was in my absolute element talking to the lovely Laura about perfumes and I am so excited this business has come to Limerick.

‘Equivalenza, the world wide perfume and aroma specialists, have opened their store in Limerick with up to 100 female fragrances and 50 for men we offer a wide range of perfume and fragrance products’

Laura was so kind as to give me some free samples to take home with me and I  am addicted! I will definitely be calling into the girls at 69 Catherine Street, Ireland.



The two girls were so lovely to chat to and I could have stayed there all day. I am a sucker for a perfume and I wear it every single day. This extraordinary fragrance business is a dream come true for any perfume / fragrance lover like me. Basically you can go in to the girls and tell them your favorite – expensive perfume e.g. lady millions and they match it up for a steal of the price! How incredible your favorite fragrance and a fraction of the price! I will be one of Equivalenza ‘s best customers for sure.

You can find this treasure trove on Facebook as Equivalenza Catherine St Limerick or HERE -http://www.equivalenza.com/ie/

So, that’s all I have to report from Limerick’s Health and Beauty Expo. The fashion show was a fabulous affair and I got to meet a new Irish Business which in the long run will save me money on my favorite fragrance. Score!

Well Done to all involved in organizing this event, Hopefully next year there will be an even bigger turn out and more Irish traders and businesses on-board.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

_Aoibhinn x

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