Beauty Review_Tanning Tips/Tricks

Happy Monday Pretties!

As promised here are my favorite tanning products , and a few tips and tricks all of us glowing goddesses need to know!

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ST.MORIZ – Fast Self Tanning Mousse  (7.49 Boots) This mousse IS a gradual tan, and does look a little gritty/ dirty when you apply to the skin, but don’t worry. You can achieve a light, sun-kissed glow after an 1 hour of application, 2-3 hours gives a medium tan and over 3 hours a good dark tan.Personally I leave this tan on over night and wash the next morning.

ST.MORIZ- Self Tanning Lotion  (6.49 Boots) This tanning lotion is NOT a gradual tan. This means the color you apply is very close to the color you will stay. I apply one good layer and leave over night.The color i’m left with is a good medium tan that glows. (i use shade medium)

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Dark Mousse (8.00 Penny’s) I adore this tan because of the lovely warm color I get after I use it. However unlike what the bottle says.. I don’t wash it off after an hour . I apply a good layer and sleep with it on over night and I wash it off in the morning.  Personally I find this a very smelly tan and I always need a complete pajama and bed- sheet change after I sleep with it on.



Avoid getting these awful white show&tell tan hands.. use the leftover tan on your mitt, and gently glide over your hands , making sure you get right in-between those fingers.


1] Always use a tan applicator mitt when applying tan (otherwise you will end-up with luminous tan-hands you can see from space)

2]The night before you intend to tan, shower and shave your legs (if you do this an hour before the tan will stick into your leg hair pores and you will see little tan dots)

3] Always moisturize before you tan yourself. Head-to-toe cover yourself in a good layer of moisturizer. I use Dove tinted moisturizer. Give it a few minutes to dry/sink in.


Fake Tan is suppose to be used to give us a gentle healthy glow- it is not suppose to actually look fake


4] When tanning, bend your elbows and knees when tanning these areas (if you forget to do this you’ll have very dark knees and elbows)

5]Before you start your tanning process, cover your toenail and fingernails in a layer of clear nail polish (you do this to prevent getting those awful yellow/orange tan-nails)

6] Please, never tan your face! I think it’s a good idea to tan all the way up your neck, but don’t tan your face.  You can use darker shades of makeup to get a good color match and you can tontor your face if you like ( check out how to tontour on my Blog).

That’s all my pearls of wisdom on tanning guy’s, I adore fake tan and i’ll always have my Tanning Thursday nights. However, we need to remember ‘tango a’int fantango’ and less is more.

Happy Tanning!

_Aoibhinn x

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2 thoughts on “Beauty Review_Tanning Tips/Tricks

  1. How dark does the st moritz fast tan go when you leave it over night? It only suggests 1, 2 or 3 hours so I don’t want to get too dark!


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