Event Review_ Isa Dora

download Hi Pretties ,

Yesterday Friday 1st April 2016, I attended the Isa Dora masterclass that was held in the Crescent Shopping Centre Limerick. This was a FREE Spring makeup masterclass with Beauty Guru and TV presenter Triona McCarthy. This FREE event was packed full of

Tips, Tricks, beauty advice Q&A sessions and lots of fun 

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I was delighted to personally met the super lovely Triona McCarthy herself. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to all the excellent makeup advice. I had so much fun watching Triona work what can only be described as magic on one of the lucky models picked from the audience.

I was very lucky myself to get a little touch-up from Triona. My blusher needed a little more pow and beauty Guru Triona McCarthy touched me up beautifully using Isa Dora blusher . I had such an amazing experience chatting to Triona and Fiona Cooke about beauty top tips, Isa Dora makeup and what it’s like to be working Mommies!

Of course with such a fabulous e12920936_1112678545450072_1881341087_nvent like this , there was a quick check-in with social media. I was over the moon when Triona so kindly, took a little video of us together on snap-chat , introducing me as Aoibhinn from prettiesandpearlsblog .

Fiona was very kind and took pictures on both our snap-chat accounts, I’m so thrilled to have met these two most genuinely lovely lovely woman.

You can keep up-to-date with all of Triona’s events and beauty advice on snap-chat handle @trionamccarthy3  and myself on @prettyandp

A part of this wonderful FREE masterclass was Triona and Fiona were asking the audience , for amazing beauty tips/tricks they they have never heard of.

I was completely elated when a follower of prettiesandpearls  (Jean) contacted me and told me she WON a 150.00 euro GoodieBag worth of ISA DORA makeup by using one of my top tips from my blog during the week! The top tip was from my Blog

“Life Hacks” Girls Night Out Guide


The top tip Jean shared to WIN her amazing ISA DORA GoodieBag was ‘to spray deodorant on your feet before a big night-out to prevent odor and uncomfortable sweaty feet’.(did you know that one?)

 I was so happy to hear from Jean and her wonderful news, and of course I am delighted my “life hacks” blog has helped one working Mama already, in anyway. I used another top tip myself ‘to spray hairspray on your tights before heading out , as this  joins the fibres together preventing snags or ladders’ (another one to remember).

I was so kindly given a GoodieBag for my unknown pearl of wisdom. I will be writing a separate blog and review on some of the ISA DORA beautiful products and keeping aside some gorgeous bits for giveaway prizes on prettiesandpearls Facebook page.

Huge Well Done to the Crescent Shopping Centre ,The Lovely Triona McCarthy and Fiona Cooke, Shaws Department Store, Isa Dora and all involved . What an all-round  fabulous FREE event here in Limerick City. I had a wonderful experience meeting two amazing hard-working woman and came away with a few new beauty tips (Bo-Yaa)

Hope you Guy’s will be checking back-in to read all about the ISA DORA product reviews and please pop over to prettiesandpearlsblog on Facebook.

That’s all for now, have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow guy’s

_Aoibhinn x

Catch me on snapchat @prettyandp


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