Event Review_Marissa Carter’s Master Class

Pretties! I have just experienced the most brilliant girlie Sunday at Marissa Carter's masterclass hosted in the beautiful venue the Bunratty Castle Hotel.  This was Marissa's very first masterclass and there are five more to come! Here is the low-down on the days very pink and pretty events.. Marissa's Masterclass was due to start at 11 … Continue reading Event Review_Marissa Carter’s Master Class


Delicious Blueberry Muffins

Happy Saturday Pretties , Hope you are well? Twice in the last week I have followed this super easy and fast recipe for blueberry muffins and I HAVE to share with you guys .. Here is the very simple instructions .. all the ingredients listed & measurements just throw it all into one big mixing … Continue reading Delicious Blueberry Muffins

My Magic Dino 3IN1 Travel System

Hello pretties ! Please let me introduce you to my magic dino travel system we have for our sweet baby girl Isabelle. I've had so many messages and lovely compliments about the Pram so here are all the details of the magic dino 3in1 travel system. _ The Magic Dino 3 in 1 Travel System comes … Continue reading My Magic Dino 3IN1 Travel System


Travelling with 6 Month Babybump

Hello again pretties! I've decided to write a series of pregnancy/maternity/new parent blog posts I put a few feelers out on my Facebook and snap chat [@ prettyandp] and I was delighted to receive such a warm wave of questions and support.  I intend to cover topics such as : Travelling abroad when pregnant | … Continue reading Travelling with 6 Month Babybump


Event Review_LimerickVintageFiar

Hello Pretties! _   I hope you're all well and having a great day on this April Tuesday morning. Most of you will already know this, but two days ago on Sunday 17th I was invited and attended the most spectacular 'AbsolutelyFab Les Vintage & Retro-Revival Fair & Events'. Organised and hosted by the most … Continue reading Event Review_LimerickVintageFiar


Weird and Wonderful Me

Hello and Good Evening to all you Pretties! It's just after 9PM on this Thursday evening and baby has just popped off to sleep giving me an opportunity to blog. yay! I think it would be a good idea for me to tell you a few personal facts about myself so you feel like you … Continue reading Weird and Wonderful Me


Event Review_Beauty Expo Limerick

Hello Pretties! Happy Tuesday to you all, as some of you may know two days ago on Sunday 10th April I was invited and attend the Cosmetics Health and Beauty Expo in the Castletroy Park Hotel , Limerick. My Good friend Stacey went with me to the Beauty Expo, as it was promised to be … Continue reading Event Review_Beauty Expo Limerick