“Life Hacks” Girls Night Out Guide

Hello pretties!  I hope you are all having a super Monday!  6a00e553aad410883401a73e166a59970d

Girl’s, we have all heard the term ‘life hack’ these are little tricks and tips that you can use in day-to-day life.Most of the time they are eye-openers to how we are missing out on a brilliant way to make our lives easier.  I’m a busy woman myself, and first and foremost a mammy. Here are some brilliant life hacks that have actually made a difference and i can vouch for!

#1 Clear Nail Polish

Many of you girl’s might not know, but clear nail polish has so many brilliant uses. number one of course is for using as a seal coat on-top of your nail polish. Another use for clear nail polish is for when you snag your tights on something sharp .53a06d7d9a492_-_cos-02-nails.jpg

To prevent the tights from laddering or getting any worse dab a bit of clear nail polish and your tights will hold just fine until you get home Cinderella! Now the most ingenious use of clear nail polish has to be, for coating your costume jewelry in a light layer to prevent getting those awful green arks on your skin!

#2 Dry Shampoo

Okay so maybe this isn’t a ‘life hack’ as such but all girls need to know about this gift from heaven. Heading on a night out ? or just leaving the house but you’re hair hasn’t been washed and you really really don’t have the time? Dry Shampoo has your back. Just spray in give a little scrunch and off you pop!  images (1)images

I’m currently using the NEW L’OREAL ELVIVE dry shampoo (5 euro shaws) and I’m loving having this in my beauty essentials plus i adore Tiffany anything!   Another dry shampoo that is a hands-down winner is of course,  the old school reliable Batiste Dry Shampoo, (€5.49 Boots)

#3 Boob Tape / Body Tape


Again, i don’t know if this body tape falls under ‘life hack’ but i guess it does as it changed my life! Body tape can be used instead of a bra. For those occasions when you stupidly decided to wear a strapless dress or a shameless low cut front dress, body tape is your Holy Grail.  You can apply the tape however you like, just as long as your dress covers any sign of it.  Here is a picture of the Reality Queen herself , Kim Kardashian showing us how she gets that busty look while wearing the most low cuts of the century.

#4 Makeup Fixing sprayunnamed (3).jpg

I must have been living under one HUGE rock ladies and gent’s because only very recently the girls introduced me to fixing spray! I have no shame, I am a busy woman but wowsers thank God for the home girls because this is a new ‘must have’ in my makeup kit for sure.Now there is an entire world of fixing sprays out there, all depending on your price range and personal preference. You will hear good and bad reviews on the same fixing spray i’m sure so I think Urban-Decay-Chill-Makeup-Setting-Sprayyou just have to try a few and see what works for you and your skin type. I’m using the cheap as chips penny’s fixing spray (2.50 pennys hun) at the moment. I have heard bad things about it causing outbreaks on the skin etc. but I bought it and tried it and hey ho it works great for me and I’ve no problem with outbreaks. (everyone’s skin is different)

The girls use Urban Decay and swear by it, so maybe give that a go as well. When I’m treated like a princess and my MUA friend Orla does my makeup she would always spritz me in this and my makeup will always be flawless and stay put until the end of the night so thumbs up to Urban Decay.Here is the price of 30.00 in your local Urban Decay stockists .. ouch!

#5 Penny’s Glue-On Nails10419573_1581016915559647_1038868693955770283_n

Only as a quick-fix, once in a blue moon when mommy gets a night out I like to have pretty nails like most girlies I know. However sometimes I wouldn’t get the time to get my fresh set of claws done before hand so my next option is Penny’s finest! One thing I have to say is the glue you get in the packet is worse than using chewing gum, so make sure you have your own nail applicator glue at home. Coming in at a very affordable 2.50 you can choose from a multitude of block colors and fancy designs.

#6 Keeping your Cash-Dolla-Bills in your tissue packet 9010_blue_open

Girls let’s be honest we are a target when we go out, especially for those awful pocket-pickers. So a little clever idea I picked up ages ago was to keep your visa cards in-between tissues in a plastic pocket. This way if you are unfortunate enough to get pick-pocketed they will never think to rob your tissues!

#7 Spray Hand-spraying-aerosolyour tights with hairspray & Feet with deodorant

I know it sound funny but when you spray your tights with a light layer of hairspray this bonds the fibers together, making your tights less likely to get runs or snags.Now the reason you spray your feet with deodorant is simple , it prevents bad feet odor and prevents sweaty feet on the dance floor! Two quick sprays and your saving yourself a few sticky situations!

#8 When tanning the night before , clear polish those nailsYellow-nails

I know we have already covered the great uses of clear nail polish but this use is very important to those tanning troupers! Make sure you cover your fingernails and toenails with clear nail polish or else you will get those awful brown/ yellow nails and nobody wants to see that!

#9 Broken Zip? Key Chain It 

18bgx5l2gijenjpg.jpgHow many times has it happened, you’re all ready to go makeup and hair on ‘fleek’ then you go to squeeze into your favorite pair of black jeans and uh-oh the zip is broken! Not to worry ladies, if the simple safety-pin trick won’t do it then how about the key ring trick. Loop a spare key ring, ring through the zipper pull up to the top and loop the ring around the metal button! This trick will save you one day i guarantee it.

#10 20120810_165436.jpgScholl party feet invisible gel cushions (6.99 Boots)

I find these brilliant for those super high silly shoes that we all like to wear. Adding that little bit of comfort that you need and a little support goes a really long way. You can buy all different sorts of brands these are just the ones I used so that’s why i’m showing you them.


So there they are, some brilliant night out tips all of us girls should know! I hope you enjoyed my few tips and tricks maybe you knew some already and maybe you’ll be spraying those feet with deodorant tonight!

Have a lovely Monday evening ,

_Aoibhinn x

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