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Hi again, all you pretties!

Iv’e decided to do a quick blog about my Top Ten Favorite Rimmel products. From mascara to foundation, lipstick to nail polish Rimmel in my opinion is one of the best most reliable brands.

Growing up as a child,  my Mother always had a few Rimmel products on her dresser which of course as a little girl very interested in makeup, and wanting to be like mommy I got my little sticky fingers into. Then growing up as a teenager trying to getaway with wearing as much makeup as possible without being noticed. Rimmel stayed with me and now I’m older and have my own little princess I think she will always find some Rimmel bits and pieces on my dresser too.. without further ado here are my Top Ten –

TheKateCollection_PRODUCT_01Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick (7.49 Boots)

This has to be in my top three favorite lipsticks ever! This is one of the best drugstore lipsticks you will ever own , I wear shade 01 and I adore this color. This Lipstick lasts for hours and hours, I’ve really tested the limits of this gorgeous lipstick. The main reason this is one of my ‘must haves’ is because through evening meals combined with a few drinks this lipstick does not budge! It gets popped into the handbag and forgotten about until that unearthly hour when your looking at yourself in a nightclub mirror and to your delight your lipstick is still there on your lips looking as red and gorgeous as ever! oh, and did i mention it smells divine?! This is a matte formula so maybe a little lip balm before application if you have dry lips , and it is a perfect  dupe for MAC’s Russian Red.

image1xxl (1)      10133050

Rimmel Volume FlashX10 (7.99 Boots)  &

Rimmel Scandal eyes mascara (9.99 boots)

These two mascaras have been replaced in my makeup collection , time and time again. The brush head on XVolume mascara is super long and brilliant in my opinion for extending my lashes. I would use this mascara when i’m going for a day-look , to give me long and sleek eyelashes. On the complete other-hand I love using the orange packaged Scandal eyes for my night-out look. This chunky mascara is great for giving you those full looking lashes, very dark and thick. The only down side if i had to say about the Scandal eyes mascara is that after a while it can get a little clumpy.. but if you heat it up in a bowl of hot water its as good as new.

8842059448350 Now let’s talk foundation. I adore using the Rimmel wake me up foundation range (11.49 Boots) I wear shade 103 True ivory. I use this as a day time foundation, I really like the dewy finish with this foundation and I get great coverage out of it.I find that the ‘wake me up’ foundation lasts a good few hours before needing any touch-ups and it actually has a lovely light perfume off it.Rimmel-Match-Perfection

Moving onto the Match Perfection Foundation ( 10.49  Boots) I really like this foundation as well but after I used one bottle I didn’t buy it again only because it is a bit heavier than the ‘wake me up’ and I rather the lighter feel on my skin. I liked this foundation because again , no surprise in being a Rimmel foundation it really did last for a nice couple of hours and you could just apply it and leave it there on your face and not worry about it. Like I said it is a little heavy so if you’re like myself and you wear a light day-time makeup look than maybe this wouldn’t be the best choice for you ( go for the wake me up its fabulous).

ada6d35f6ad3d49c64fe2ecaae5b3b4c  Now let’s have a little look at two of my favorite nail polishes by Rimmel I cant be without. This is Rimmel ‘I love lasting finish’ 500 Disco Ball (4.49 Tesco). This little beauty, I use as a top coat for those occasions when you need a little sparkle. As I only use this as a top coat and not a full nail polish color this one little bottle has lased well over a year. This one little bottle is jam-packed with lots and lots of beautiful sparkly bits including blue, pink, purple and silver sparklies. 

Bringing us on to number seven of my top ten Rimmel favorites is another Rimmel nail polish Rimmel ‘i love lasting finish’ 200 Orange Your Life (4.49 Tesco)orange-your-life

I know looking at the picture of Orange Your life you’re thinking wow that is one neon orange nail polish right there girl .. and you would be one hundred percent right! The reason I need this nail polish in my life ( and top 10) is because it is so so summery and bright and neon and boom! it has that wow factor! Now of course I only wear this color in the spring/summer months  but I love it for being the bright little star that it is and it goes without saying two coats of this beauty lasts for days un-chipped and beautifully neon.

Numbers eight, nine and ten are all from the same family. Face Powder 

10187904    StayMattePressedPowder_PRODUCT_01 Rimmel_Match_Perfection_Loose_Powder_10g_1415717816

All of these face powders have subtle differences and I adore them all, there is no way I could chose between then so all thee of them are included in my Top Ten Rimmel products.

The red cased Rimmel ‘lasting finish powder’ is (9.49 Boots)  This is a 2-in-1 wet and dry powder foundation that applies like a powder & covers like a liquid . I get a medium to full coverage with this powder and i find it is great for masking  imperfections such as small pimples or blemishes.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder (5.99 Boots) this is a very light powder that looks natural when applied smoothly. I use this as a setting powder because it is so light weight and it last for hours and hours. I really like this powder because it is free of fragrance, oils, parabens and talc. This means that it wont plug up your pores girls. No matter what your skin type is this powder should be a-okay for you to use. I wear 002 pink blossom , as well this powder has excellent shine control.

Slightly more expensive, the Rimmel London Match Perfection Silky Loose Powder (9.99 Boots) this is a light-weight smooth and soft face powder. This powder is what I call ultra light.  We’re talking super duper, poofy powder here. I would only use this as a finishing touch powder but, I have to say it is brilliant for adding that soft finish to your makeup. This is ultra creamy and gives you a natural soft appearance. I find this really good for setting my contour too.

Well that rounds off my Top Ten Rimmel Products , Where there any of your top favorites in there?

maxresdefault (1)

As always guy’s, this is just my honest opinion. I do not in any way get paid or prompted to talk or review about any products. This is as always, my day-to-day normal life, honest opinion from the-girl-next-door. I’m always using these products so if you would like to see these in use , follow me on snapchat – pretiesndpearls or Facebook pretties&pearls

Hope you enjoyed my top 10, have a lovely evening everyone!

_Aoibhinn x


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