Tontouring_what a tan-tanstic idea!

Hello Pretties! Happy Saturday everyone the Week-end has arrived yay!download (4)

OK, so it’s Saturday night you’re grabbing the gals and your hitting the town am I right? . . you need your dress, your heels, your wine chilling in the fridge (and those frozen grapes in the freezer for grape ice cubes in that wine glass)  BUT now there is a new ‘MUST-HAVE’

Ladies let me introduce you to #Tontouring by the very genius #MarissaCarter using #CocoaBrown.

This NEW amazing technique allows you to contour your face, but with TAN!

You create and sculpt your face with tanning products chiseling out the features on your face to help create a sharper image. To Tontour you need the following essentials

Cocoa Brown *Gentle Bronze Gel

Cocoa Brown *1 Hour Tan Mousse (i used shade Dark)

Cocoa Brown *Self Tan Applicator Mit

contour brush & beauty blender

Here are my quick and easy steps for that perfect tan-tanstic tontour! this is how i tontour at home, you might decide to use different products or brushes to suit yourself but this is my method..

Step One. Apply a light over-all aplication of the cocoabrown gentle bronze gel to your face

Step Two. spray some of the 1 hour tan onto the tan mit, and dab your contour brush into this tan

Step 3. Apply the one hour tan using your contour brush

Apply the tan, on your cheekbone. Starting from the top of your ear to about 3/4 ways down. You can use where the top of  your brush stops as a guideline. You apply the tan under your jawline, under your nose, around the top of your forehead and down the two sides of your nose.

Personal preference for this next step, you can use a buffing brush to blend the tan (tontour) in but i like to use a damp beauty blender. After trying tontouring a few times this is my personal little helper. I like the more controlled feel when i use the beauty blender to dab dab dab that tontour into place.

Dab with the beauty blender all over where you have applied the tan , your forehead, cheekbones, jawline, under chin, under nose, and down the sides of your nose.

Now very quickly you have used tan to contour your face! Don’t worry i it looks quite dark when you shower the heavier color will fade and you will be left with beautiful tontoured skin. Make sure you have buffed it in well though , you don’t want to see and lines or brush marks.

And that’s it! you’re officially Tontoured ! How easy was that? If you have never tried this before and you are a little skeptical or worried try using the lighter shade of tan , and apply it in small amounts and you can always blend it out.

Hope you guys found this step- by – step guide helpful and easy to follow. I am always tontouring myself so if you would like to follow me on snapchat @pretiesndpearls you can catch me doing a quick demo.

Also find me on Facebook Prettiesandpearls

Happy Tontouring everyone!

_Aoibhinn x

Catch me on snap chat @prettyandp


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