Good FRIDAY _ What’s Open

Hi Guy’s! Happy Friday to you all , download (1)

With Good Friday fully underway, we will all be asking the same questions today and tomorrow ‘what shops are open?‘ and ‘Where can we buy?‘ So, here’s the Story ..

Good Friday

25 March 2016

While Good Friday is not an official public holiday in the Republic of Ireland, schools and some businesses will be closed today and all pubs are shut.

You are not allowed to buy alcohol on Good Friday in the Republic.

For all of you clever people who have decided to head away for an Easter break, just to let you know residents of hotels are permitted to drink in hotel bars!


Good Friday: 9am – 10pm

Easter Saturday: 9am – 9pm

Easter Sunday: CLOSED

Easter Monday: 9am – 9p


Some Dunnes Stores outlets will be closed on both Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, but others will remain open right across the holiday weekend.

Use this handy store locator on your local Dunnes.


Lidl stores will remain closed on Easter Sunday, and here’s the rest of the hours.

Good Friday: Regular hours

Easter Saturday: 8am – 9pm

Easter Sunday: CLOSED

Easter Monday: 9am – 9pm

Now you’re well informed you can do more of the important Easter Traditions.. yes, i am talking about eating copious amounts of chocolate .. nobody waits until Sunday!


Happy Easter Everyone!!

_Aoibhinn x


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