Rimmel_New festival Colours

New festival _ inspired colours have been added to Rimmel Lip and Nail collection , by Rimmel London and Rita Ora ! These New colors are funky, fun and fueld with energetic music fueled wow factor . These really are going to be

Summers Hottest Flower Power Shades

The New Rimmel Festival Collection , are packaged beautifully with pretty details of flowers and creative signature of Rita Ora ( the face of Rimmel nail polish ). I’m loving the look of these summer sizzling colors and I can’t wait to get my hands on a few new colors to brighten up my hands .

Rimmel have always been a go-to for me when it comes to a reliable nail polish brand. I find when applied correctly the polish lasts for ages and rarely ever chips at the sides. Although I admit I have a rather big nail polish collection of my own at home I think a splurge on some New Summer colors will be in order.

Here are a few if my favorites from the collection

The ‘Roll in the grass’ shade of Tiffany green/blue attracts my beady little eye straight away. To me the color Tiffany screams luxury and high quality and a little superiority maybe ?  And of course the typical festival shades really tickle my fancy , the yellow , pinks and orange are so fresh and summery I can’t imagine these beauties will stay in stock for too long !

That’s thehottest news with Rimmel and Rita Ora guys , bring the glamour to your glamping !!  Happy Shopping ,

_Aoibhinn X



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