“Contouring”_How? and Why?

Good Evening Pretties! so, I received a LOT of questions and requests to do this Blog on contouring, what it is, and how to do it. I’m by no means a professional makeup artist (MUA) but I’m more than happy to show you guy’s how I like to contour and my experience of it.


It sounds intimidating, but it’s seriously simple. Promise!

Okay so to Contour you need these three essentials items,

  • A contouring set ( i used Contour multi-use set)
  • Sculpting brush
  • Blending brush/ Beauty Blender

Before starting any contouring, you need to cleanse your face, I use Garnier Micellar Water after cleansing you need to moisturize and apply a primer to your face. I then apply a light foundation then the contouring magic begins!

you use the technique contouring to give a shape to an area of your face and to enhance the structural features of the face with makeup. What this basically means, when you break it down is you use light shades to Highlight and draw attention to the areas of your face you want to highlight, and the darker shades are to conceal the areas you don’t want attention to…Hence, Highlight and contour!


Contour Shades / Highlight Shades

Step One apply your highlight (the lightest color you will use) in the areas above in image 2.. you apply the highlight under your eyes in a triangle shape, down the bridge of your nose, cupids bow, chin , and middle of the brows and lower forehead area.

Step Two apply your contour (yep you’ve guessed it , this is the darkest color you will use) following image 1 from above, you apply the contour to your high cheekbones, sides of the nose, around the top of forehead , and under chin area. I also have a personal preference of adding a little under my nose.

Now you look like a lost member of an African Tribe but don’t worry you are doing well! using a damp blender sponge ( DAB don’t DRAG) dab the highlighted areas until you see the product setting well, after you dab all the highlighted area then do the same to the contour. use that damp sponge to dab dab dab until you get the look you like.

You can buy all sorts of different types/brands of contour palettes and beauty blenders (sponge) all depending on your price range . I can only tell you the way I contour and what I use. Like I said before I’m no professional but i created this look myself and i’m very happy with it… so, when you’re finished dabbing , you need to set that face with a powder. I used Rimmel stay matte , long lasting pressed powder 002 , and then to add definition and a lovely shiny cheek bone highlight i used, BRONZE by PS (pennys/primark)

After here on ladies it’s all about your personal makeup style from adding your eyebrows, eye makeup, lip color and any other finishing touches you desire. I hope this Blog post has been a benefit to you guy’s. . . .  as i say i’m an everyday girl-next-door and a mammy and this is how I like to rock the contour scene! I used the #contourcosmetics palette and it is sheer heaven. The product is so rich and creamy and as a non-pro makeup person I found this set so easy to use. The beauty blender I used to dab dab dab that contour into place was cheap and cheerful from pennys/primark.

That’s how I like to contour my face,  hope you liked it!

I’m always contouring myself so if you would like to see me contouring first hand follow me on snap chat – pretiesndpearls or on facebook pretties&pearls

Happy Contouring !!

_Aoibhinn x

Are we friends on snapchat ? Add @prettyandp for daily makeup tips , tricks and girlie chats X



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