NEWBRDIGE Silverware_ Launch 1759 GUINNESS Collection


Pretties! Yay! Exciting news from NewBridge Silverware, they have launched their New


For those of you who don’t know ‘Newbridge Silverware is Ireland’s premier provider of quality silverplated giftware, jewellery and cutlery’. Now without further delay I have to show you all some of my favorites from the collection ..

Guinness Rose Gold Charm Bracelet 50.00 and the second picture is the – Guinness Rose Gold Plated Necklace Large 75.00 I adore Rose Gold it has to be my favorite style of jewelry. Iv’e recently bought the most gorgeous Rose Gold Ring from my local NewBridge Silverware stockists and it’s so bling and simply stunning.

I’ve seen the Rose Gold Charm Bracelet worn by @cherrysue

Sue Jordan on her snap chat story and i’m sure we will be seeing a whole lot of this collection featuring in various places very soon. This Collection is gorgeous and I like the idea of the 1759 Guinness theme it makes the jewelry extra special and Irish i think.

Guinness Ladies Watch Black Strap 95.00 and Guinness Gents Watch Black Strap 85.00

Both my partner and myself are Huge watch lovers! These bad-boys might make it to our very own collection i think, now the only thing is .. unfortunately the Gents Watch isn’t rose gold so it kind of ruins the HIS & HER look.


Guinness Rose Gold Platted Bracelet 75.00 & Guinness Rose Gold Platted Pendant 70.00

I really like the black detail on both of these pieces, both very classy and delicate. I would wear these pieces as evening wear accessories.  These are just a few pieces that I have chosen from the collection to show you, you can find more of these beautiful Rose Gold collection here –

I had to show you these stunning Rose Gold pretties !

Happy Shopping,

_Aoibhinn x

Catch me on snap chat @prettyandp


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