Prosecco Perfecto! Friday Treats

Hi Pretties! I’m SO excited i have just discovered these treats!

I stumbled across this picture online ad thought to myself

Noway, they cant be a thing?

So  I did a bit of research, and I put these few treats together for you

I can’t believe I didn’t already know about these, and i know some very close friends of mine will be ecstatic that i found them. We all know a prosecco princess (a particular blonde in my friends)  OK ! OK  without further delay here they are in all there bubbly and sparklyness ..







Now , Iv’e just this minute made this new discovery!! . . .


How glorious are all these? definitely going to be treating myself to at least one of these goodies. I might even use a few prosecco treats as a birthday present for the prosecco proncess’ i know!

Still can’t believe i didn’t know about any of these, i’m raging thinking of all those summer evening I could have been enjoying a prosecco ice pop ha! As always this blog post is purely my thoughts and opinions, i don’t get paid to talk about any products I just wanted to share this exciting discovery with you all.

So that’s my news, now I’m off to get baby ready for a trip to Nannies house gotta run!

Happy Thursday and don’t forget

Don’t Let Anyone Dull You’re Sparkle

_Aoibhinn x

Catch me on snap chat @prettyandp



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