My current favorite perfume

Hi Guy’s

I recently bought Hugo Boss Nuit for woman and it’s amazing!

I’m trying to stop myself from using it so much but I’m failing miserably. Every time I walk past the bottle I can’t help taking a quick spray of it.The packaging itself is sexy and sleek , the black against the fancy gold detail is gorgeous. The entire presentation screams luxury.

A feminine and sensual fragrance. I would describe the scent as peachy , floral and sweet. You need only one or two sprays for application spray in front if you at arms length and walk through .So basically Hugo Nuit is absolutely to die for really really happy with this fragrance. 

Next is L’eau D’issey _ Eau De Toilette.

Now this slender lady is strong and demands you’re attention . This is by no means a gentle or light suggestion of fragrance. She say’s Hello I’m here I’m misty and I’ll draw you in ..  I literally use one spray of this L’eau D’issey and I’m beautifully scented for the evening .

An aquatic floral scent illuminates from within this glass slender bottle. I really like how fresh this fragrance is, like springtime and waterfalls. Definitely one of my favourites and I know yours too if you like the fresh floral scent.

And last of all , Nude by Rhinna

Different from the other two mentioned this fragrance is a sickly sweet but in a good way! The bottle is big and chunky in every aspect , the big round base makes the bottle very heavy and requires two hands to use , and no I’m not kidding .

Apart from the minor set back of the chunkiness , I like this fragrance because it’s so sweet but not that cheap smell you know the one I mean .I feel so pretty when I wear it and I’m a girl I like feeling pretty! Oh one other thing a lot of product comes out in one spray so hold away from the body or you’ll get misted . Beautiful design detail on the bottle and it’s actually lasting ages !!

All fantastic perfumes in my eyes but I’ll move onto try new and different ones as the weeks go on , usually my fragrance reflects my mood so I tend to buy a lot ooops .. hope you liked my favorite fragrances , Aoibhinn x



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