CLINIQUE_ my must have’s


okay ladies, so I have been using these TWO different products but in unison since December so after 3 months I can honestly say I cannot live without these TWO products!

wow! wow! wow! My Skin is SO hydrated I love how soft my skin feels after i apply these products I look in the mirror and my skin looks instantly plumpier.

So here she is

I use this every morning and again at night. A little goes a really long way so i just use one finger to apply the product to my face. This moisture surge, feels so good on my skin the product is a light creamy texture and snow white appearance. I apply all over my face except around my eye socket area, simply because this is where my second CLINQUE product comes in.. TaDaaaa


All About Eyes™

This is All About Eyes_

If i had to pick a favorite out of the two products I would have to pick this one, simply because I heavily rely on this product every day to make me look human!

Having a new baby is so rewarding and special but now i’m in the MOMS club I do need that extra help to look good and My God does this product deliver!! If it’s Puffy Eyes from a little sob of exhaustion, puffy eyes from walking the floors with baby all night , a girls night out maybe? Anything! anything around the eyes being puffy or swollen maybe a bit dark around the eyes aka bags! This magical beauty has your back girl!

Cannot recommend either of these products enough. These will be my best friends forever I think this is the beginning of a very stable and strong relationship! Mucho Love for these two absolute Pearls. Beauty IS Skin Deep.

Happy Shopping you lovlies! _ Aoibhinn x





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