CATRICE Cosmetics_Nude Illusion

Hi Pretties!

I’m loving this light foundation at the moment! CATRICE NUDE ILLUSION


Now I do cleanse my face every night before bed and apply moisture and hydration products twice daily, so this could  affect how well this product is staying on my face but I definitely recommend giving it a go.

I picked up this foundation in my local Penny’s which is on O’Connell Street , Limerick.  I wasn’t actually looking for a new foundation at the time but it was the look of the product that attracted me to it. The glass bottle itself is lovely to touch it’s somehow soft? The foggy appearance of the bottle to me looks like a luxury finished product ( Isa Dora Foundation) so hey ho I bought it and I was pleasantly surprised ! Score!

I picked up shade 020 Rose Vanilla and I love it!

I’m currently using this foundation for my day makeup look , I find it very easy to use , you get great coverage with just a small amount of  the product , it feels lovely on my skin and I don’t find that it dries out my skin at all . I usually apply the foundation to my face around 9am and come to when I take it off at about 10pm it still looks good.

Definitely a thumbs up from me!

Happy Shopping,

_Aoibhinn x

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