Beauty for your Buck’

16244490_1362983207086270_117923576_nHi Pretties! Here is a beauty buck saving tip all us gals need to know!

After squeezing every last ounce of product from that lotion tube you’re defeated.  That bottle is officially dead, empty inside . . or is it?

Ladies I’m here to tell you there IS life inside and we can definitely squeeze two more days out of that bottle! Come-on we just paid and arm and a leg for this cream/lotion why don’t we want to use all the product we paid for?




Here is a few simple steps to getting every last morsel out of that tube:

Step 1: Take the lotion bottle you are savvy saving, get a scissors and cut across fully about 1/2 way on the bottle.

Step 2: Using your finger, scoop the remaining product from the end half of the of the bottle’s in there , to the top end half of the bottle (top end has the lid) now all the remaining product is in one end of the tube and the bottom end you cut off is actually empty now.

Step 3: Slide the end you cut off back on over the other end and now you have what looks like a mini version of the product you just had. You can now enjoy another day or two using your lotion and for the last scrape you can pull off the top again and dig for that gold!

Same story for foundations girls, just because the pump isn’t bring up any more product doesn’t mean its not in there.. it is!!

  • TOP TIP Unscrew that foundation bottle, get a skinny makeup brush in there and enjoy using your favorite makeup for longer. No joke I did this for over 2 weeks with my foundation bottle I couldn’t believe I could have just thrown it away! Be Beauty Smart!


Image result for toothpaste squeezer

Really, quickly here is a little device that REALLY gets you that last drop. Seen here on toothpaste but you could use on and lotion tube.

Ez plastic tube squeezer – can be bought on Amazon!

That’s my Beauty for your Buck Tips for now, hope you liked it 🙂

_ Aoibhinn x

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